Saturday, February 11, 2012

Martha Stewart Stencil on Canvas

 Hello Friends!
I have been away from blogging. I have a hard time consistently blogging because I have a job where my schedule constantly changes! Today I am sharing my ugly abstract paintings I made last year. Here they are *shudder*

My apartment is a beige box! Beige carpet and walls!  So when I moved in last year I wanted a quick, cheap and easy fix to the boring walls. Needless to say they are ugly! So I decided they needed some updating.
  I have a brown sofa and love seat and accents of teal around the apartment. I wanted to keep the colour combo.
 Firstly, I painted the old canvas beige...I know more beige! I needed a plain background for the teal colour. I bought the Martha Stewart stencil package called arabesque. I got it at Michaels on sale for $22 which was fantastic!
 Here is after the first couple of attempts. The Stencils worked great and I was really liking what it was turning out as.
 I used Martha Stewart's stencil brushes and I highly recommend them. They made the task so easy!
 Here is the after photo! I like these so much better than the other ones! What do you think?
Here's a last little close up.