Monday, August 12, 2013

Plant Stand Makeover

Hey Friends!
I acquired this plant stand a year ago and couldn't decide to paint or refinish it. I delayed on it for a long time and finally decided I didn't want to have to strip the spiral. I am lazy and didn't want all the work it entailed. So I decided on painting! First thing I had to do was secure the base. This piece is old and the base was wobbly. I drilled four holes in the bottom and then put some screws in to hold it in place. I also used glue for added support.
I then sanded the glue and started to paint. I put one coat of  Paloma ASCP  and then one coat of Old White ASCP. I then sanded and distressed the piece. I finished it off with clear wax.

Here it is!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Secretariat Makeover

Hello friends! This long weekend I decided to makeover this ugly secretariat into a beautiful piece. I love the size and function of it. It is perfect for a small home office to put your laptop and some files in. It can be closed up so you don't have to see any clutter. This is also a great piece for students in university or college. It is small and has lots of storage for their rooms.
Here it is before I did anything:
This is with the desk open:

Here is after I painted it. I used Annie Sloan Chalk paint in old white for the inside and the accent. I used Paloma for the desk.

Here is the inside all painted. I finished it off with ASCP's clear wax. Those little cubby holes were a tough to paint!

Let me know your thoughts!