Monday, September 12, 2011

The Christie Antique Show [Part 1]

This past Saturday I woke up bright and early and went to the Christie Antique show with my Parents. It was a great day with some wonderful antique vendors. The crowds were thin in the morning until around 11am and then seemed to get busy. There seemed to be less vendors than in the past but there was still plenty of quality finds.
This is a Airplane stand which was used back in the 50's for placing your drink and ashtray on. My mother has always talked about them since her grandfather had one when she was a child. This is the first stand I have seen with an actual airplane on top of it. It was quite beautiful to see in person. This stand and the next desk was at booth V12 which is Richard Huxtable ANTIQUES 217 Ottawa St. Almonte, ON KOA 1A0. Their e-mail is and the phone number is 613-256-3163.
This is the desk also from Richard Huxtable ANTIQUES. I loved the legs on this desk and all the ornate carvings!

These nesting tables are so cute! They are perfect for an outside patio or inside. They were painted a gorgeous robins egg blue colour and distressed just enough! The glass top had a hobnail pattern on the underside which made the glass look like it had rain drops on it. These table were at booth U9 OF Other Times and you can contact them @ .

This ginger ale clock immediately caught my eye! I love the colours in it. It makes me feel like I'm on vacation! I also love the water spritzer to the right I have always wanted a blue glass water spritzer(but they are out of my price range). These items are from booth Q7 which is Bedard Antiques. You can contact Patty and Paul @ 905-732-4448 or @ They buy and sell antiques too!

Those were some finds I loved and wanted to share!

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