Friday, November 11, 2011

Magnetic Message boards

 Happy Friday!
Today I am going to share with you my favourite thing to make. It is super easy and has a fantastic result! All you need to do is find a wonderful frame and fabric that works in your space!

I start by checking out garage sales, thrift stores and of course Auctions for frames. I always looking for boards that are in good condition or need only minor repair. Then I clean up the frame and make any repairs and then paint!

I get press board and cut it to fit the frame and then I paint magnetic paint primer from Home depot. I paint 6 coats of this paint so that it will be strong enough through the fabric for magnets to hold on.

Next I spray adhesive the fabric on to the magnetic paint and then put the frame altogether.

The last step is to make cute magnets. I use the Lee Valley Rare-earth Magnets because they are the strongest magnets I have been able to find. I super glue the magnets to crafts store gems and vintage buttons.

Check out my latest creations!

This is a very tall board. It would be perfect in a little girls room!

This is a damask print in black and white.  

This is my favourite  message board to date. I love these cute owls!!

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