Friday, November 11, 2011

Magnetic Message boards

 Happy Friday!
Today I am going to share with you my favourite thing to make. It is super easy and has a fantastic result! All you need to do is find a wonderful frame and fabric that works in your space!

I start by checking out garage sales, thrift stores and of course Auctions for frames. I always looking for boards that are in good condition or need only minor repair. Then I clean up the frame and make any repairs and then paint!

I get press board and cut it to fit the frame and then I paint magnetic paint primer from Home depot. I paint 6 coats of this paint so that it will be strong enough through the fabric for magnets to hold on.

Next I spray adhesive the fabric on to the magnetic paint and then put the frame altogether.

The last step is to make cute magnets. I use the Lee Valley Rare-earth Magnets because they are the strongest magnets I have been able to find. I super glue the magnets to crafts store gems and vintage buttons.

Check out my latest creations!

This is a very tall board. It would be perfect in a little girls room!

This is a damask print in black and white.  

This is my favourite  message board to date. I love these cute owls!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Craft show # 1

This weekend was the kickoff of my 5 seasonal craft shows. It was a little slower than other years, but was still a successful show. We got to iron out the kinks of setting up and I have commissioned my dad to make a stand for my message boards. My mother and I always have our disagreements when getting organized but once we are set up are fine. This picture shows how my mom spent the slow part of the day.
We ran into lots of friendly faces and was a great Saturday!
What did you do this Saturday? Are there any shows you're looking forward to?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Holiday Season is upon us!

Tis the Season to check out the craft shows! I am currently booked every weekend this November for a craft show. I know this month will fly by as last November did.
I enjoy seeing what everyone is making and I always hope to see some new and unique items!
Here are wreaths that I have been making! They are all yarn wrapped and then each has its own individualized decorations.
 This is a fall Wreath with red, orange, and gold felt flowers.
 This is a wonderful fall/winter wreath it has brown, blue, and green felt flowers and artificial acorns in the same colours.
 This is a perfect wreath for your Holiday door!

 Sparkling red yarn will add the brightness to your door this season!

 This is an elegant winter wreath. It has peacock coloured felt flowers and a peacock feather.
 This is a nice holiday season wreath that can pass through the fall and into the winter.
This is my favourite wreath for the fall. It is a deep teal colour yarn with a vibrant pop of gold felt roses!

Hope you get to out to your local craft shows this season and see some wonderful handmade items!