Sunday, October 30, 2011

The End of Antique Season (Aberfoyle)

Good Monday Morning and Happy Halloween!
The Season of Antiques has ended! I should give some explanation to my statement. This is the end of the season where you can go to yard sales and out door flea/Antique markets. It is now getting to cold for these lovely places where you can find amazing deals!
This weekend marked the end of Aberfoyle Antique Market's season as well. I love this market as its outside and such a wonderful way to spend a Sunday! My dog also loves this market because she gets to come along! I have been meaning to post a few finds that I have acquired from the market this fall.  
This Lovely chair is solid oak and cast iron. I was told that it is from the CN railway. This is the chair the ticket sales person would sit in. I loved that it didn't have so it can fit easily under my desk which has a narrow passage between two sets of drawers.

The mechanics are quite impressive.
 I took this before I had washed the chair. As you can see it was a little dusty.

 This basked was perfect for my shelf! I had been looking at stores everywhere for a basket with a lid. I stumbled upon this beauty and had to take it. It is missing one clasp but I think that just adds some character.

This was a real find! I  got this for only $15!!! I am going to get my dad to wire this into a light! I have been watching this trend in Interior Design blogs and magazines. I love the way these fixtures cast light out in different patterns.
 This is a cute coffee/nut grinder. The colour is perfect!

I lived for a year in Australia. I have tons of pictures and haven't found a way to display them. I am living currently in an apartment but someday I am going to do a gallery wall with my pictures and these finds! I got a map of the three states I travelled!

Along with the map I got four newspaper drawings of Australian wildlife and culture.

 This is another illustration. It is depicting a hunt of a lyre Bird.

This is a water spritzer! It is from the Nu-Jersey Creamery in Toronto.  I love the Elephant on the logo.

 Here is another vintage kitchen utensil. This is a potato ricer. It is in great condition!

 AND Finally my favourite pottery company McCoy! We got a set of Greek key planters in the cream colour. I love looking for unique pieces and helping my parents find items for their Antique Booth.
Now that Antique Season is over I find myself into craft show season.....
I have a month straight of craft shows!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh, Deer!

Well, this weekend was an interesting one. I got a txt message from my mother on Saturday that said my Dad hit a deer. I was quite concerned but was assured everything was fine and it had just damaged the front headlight......

A couple hours later I hear back from my parents. They had assessed the damage closer and my mother had more information. The accident not only damaged the front headlight but the hood was bent back and the front grill was damaged. My parents at this point had called the insurance company and had everything in order for repairs and a rental vehicle.

I went over to my parents and had a look for myself. The vehicle looked okay but because all vehicles are made of plastic now the front end was pretty bent. My Dad said he hit a BUCK going 90 kms. The buck ran out of a corn field and within two jumps had hit my Dad's SUV. He's very lucky he didn't hit the ditch or have any other cars near him. The Buck hit the ditch and after a couple of minutes ran into a near by forest.

Please be careful on the roads!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I bought myself a little present the other day!!

Well I have wanted an iPhone since the first time I heard that apple was even making a phone. A few years later and I actually have one! I was a Blackberry owner and quite happy with it, but was just amazed at how much more you can do with the IPhone. There are so many apps to add that it is overwhelming! I also love that I can view the Internet as I can on my computer rather than the weird format my Blackberry had. I must admit my Blackberry was the curve with the rollerball and quite a bit old (in technology time). I am very pleased with my new purchase!
So what do you prefer iPhone, Blackberry or Android?

AND What Apps should I download??

Monday, October 3, 2011

Repurposed Dinning Chair

Hello Friends! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I have been really busy working. I am super excited about how this project turned out. I got this chair at an auction last spring for $2!! Great deal! I have been planning on painting it the same turquoise colour that I used on my buffet. I just couldn't find the right fabric for the seat cushion. I searched and searched and manage to find a couple of options that I liked. I wanted something muted that would work with my apartment and wouldn't compete with the bright colour of the paint.

 This is the chair as I had bought it. I loved the details of the legs!
 I sanded the entire chair after removing the seat cushion. I had some help as you can see the back half of my puppy. I then sprayed my chair with my turquoise pant.
 After the paint had dried I attached the newly upholstered seat cushion.
 I am so happy I went with this beige and cream striped fabric as it works with the carpet and the paint in the apartment. Since I can't change those two factors I had to work with them.  

 I just love the extra pop of colour it adds to the boring beige wall!

How do you work around design dilemmas?