Sunday, September 18, 2011

Christie Antique Show finds [Part 3]

 Last Saturday I went to the Christie Antique Show and had a blast! My parents and I found many items including tons of salt and pepper shakers. We did buy other items than salt and pepper shakers and here they are:

I have been collecting the old turquoise fiesta ware for about 3 years. I found a small nappy bowl.
 I also found two plates in the turquoise colour. I will later do a post devoted to fiesta ware and the different markings on pre '86 and post '86 pieces.
 I have also been collecting McCoy pottery pieces. This is one of the markings the company used.
 We bought this frog as a present for my grandma, who loves frogs. She has tons of frogs in her garden and in her home. I thought this was in great condition with the paint being very well preserved.
 I have had my eye out for a glass rolling pin for awhile but just couldn't find the right one. I was thrilled when I was at a booth and they had two! This one has not been used and still had the information inside.
 I love that it has the Good Housekeeping seal on it!
This is the information sheet inside the pin. I love the retro logo! It even has recipes on the back!
 I found this Fire King mixing bowl at Christie and pointed it out to my parents and they were thrilled to find it. It is a beauty!

I had to alter the lighting in this picture to show the Fire King label on the bottom of the bowl. Fire King is a popular vintage brand that made mixing bowls, batter bowls, and refrigerator dishes.
Here is the mixing (batter) bowl.

This is a refrigerator dish and lid. We actually got them separately. There was this medium lid and two small lids at a booth that we picked up. We had two small refrigerator dishes without lids at home and thought we might as well buy all three lids. Then a half hour later we found this pretty blue refrigerator dish without a lid. Perfect match!
Here is a picture with the lid on the dish.
Hope everyone enjoys these finds as much as I do!

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  1. Oh, I love Fiestaware! I have started a collection of my own...nothing antique, so I am excited for you to share more on what I should be looking for :)
    Happy to be your newest follower!