Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My New Buffet

I had been looking everywhere for a buffet that would be perfect when painted and distressed. I finally found one at aberfoyle antique market. This is what I started out with.
 I decided to paint the buffet:

I painted two coats with my new paint spraying gun. I fell in love with this gun as it makes painting things so much faster! However I left my painted buffet to dry outside overnight and when I woke up early it was covered in dew! I had a minor panic attack and hoped the sun would help to dry the buffet quickly. A couple of hours later and I found that the dew had made streaks in the finish.
After I looked at the "dew disaster" I realized I liked the effect it had made. Since I was planning on distressing the buffet anyways the extra imperfections the dew had made worked. I would have painted another coat of paint if I had wanted a perfect finish.
Next I sanded using a 120 grit sandpaper on some of the detailed areas and where it would naturally have some wear.
I took out the wooden knobs and replaced them with anthropologie mother of pearl knobs. I love these because they match the feel of the antique drawer pulls the bottom drawer had.

Here is the final look!
So what do you think?


  1. Your buffet looks great. Way to make the dew disaster work for you!

    Thanks for following my blog. Thought I'd pop over and say hi. Good to find another antique lover. Maybe I'll see you at Christie this weekend!

  2. Yes! I will def be @ Christie this weekend. Looking forward to it!