Monday, October 3, 2011

Repurposed Dinning Chair

Hello Friends! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I have been really busy working. I am super excited about how this project turned out. I got this chair at an auction last spring for $2!! Great deal! I have been planning on painting it the same turquoise colour that I used on my buffet. I just couldn't find the right fabric for the seat cushion. I searched and searched and manage to find a couple of options that I liked. I wanted something muted that would work with my apartment and wouldn't compete with the bright colour of the paint.

 This is the chair as I had bought it. I loved the details of the legs!
 I sanded the entire chair after removing the seat cushion. I had some help as you can see the back half of my puppy. I then sprayed my chair with my turquoise pant.
 After the paint had dried I attached the newly upholstered seat cushion.
 I am so happy I went with this beige and cream striped fabric as it works with the carpet and the paint in the apartment. Since I can't change those two factors I had to work with them.  

 I just love the extra pop of colour it adds to the boring beige wall!

How do you work around design dilemmas?

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