Sunday, October 30, 2011

The End of Antique Season (Aberfoyle)

Good Monday Morning and Happy Halloween!
The Season of Antiques has ended! I should give some explanation to my statement. This is the end of the season where you can go to yard sales and out door flea/Antique markets. It is now getting to cold for these lovely places where you can find amazing deals!
This weekend marked the end of Aberfoyle Antique Market's season as well. I love this market as its outside and such a wonderful way to spend a Sunday! My dog also loves this market because she gets to come along! I have been meaning to post a few finds that I have acquired from the market this fall.  
This Lovely chair is solid oak and cast iron. I was told that it is from the CN railway. This is the chair the ticket sales person would sit in. I loved that it didn't have so it can fit easily under my desk which has a narrow passage between two sets of drawers.

The mechanics are quite impressive.
 I took this before I had washed the chair. As you can see it was a little dusty.

 This basked was perfect for my shelf! I had been looking at stores everywhere for a basket with a lid. I stumbled upon this beauty and had to take it. It is missing one clasp but I think that just adds some character.

This was a real find! I  got this for only $15!!! I am going to get my dad to wire this into a light! I have been watching this trend in Interior Design blogs and magazines. I love the way these fixtures cast light out in different patterns.
 This is a cute coffee/nut grinder. The colour is perfect!

I lived for a year in Australia. I have tons of pictures and haven't found a way to display them. I am living currently in an apartment but someday I am going to do a gallery wall with my pictures and these finds! I got a map of the three states I travelled!

Along with the map I got four newspaper drawings of Australian wildlife and culture.

 This is another illustration. It is depicting a hunt of a lyre Bird.

This is a water spritzer! It is from the Nu-Jersey Creamery in Toronto.  I love the Elephant on the logo.

 Here is another vintage kitchen utensil. This is a potato ricer. It is in great condition!

 AND Finally my favourite pottery company McCoy! We got a set of Greek key planters in the cream colour. I love looking for unique pieces and helping my parents find items for their Antique Booth.
Now that Antique Season is over I find myself into craft show season.....
I have a month straight of craft shows!

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