Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh, Deer!

Well, this weekend was an interesting one. I got a txt message from my mother on Saturday that said my Dad hit a deer. I was quite concerned but was assured everything was fine and it had just damaged the front headlight......

A couple hours later I hear back from my parents. They had assessed the damage closer and my mother had more information. The accident not only damaged the front headlight but the hood was bent back and the front grill was damaged. My parents at this point had called the insurance company and had everything in order for repairs and a rental vehicle.

I went over to my parents and had a look for myself. The vehicle looked okay but because all vehicles are made of plastic now the front end was pretty bent. My Dad said he hit a BUCK going 90 kms. The buck ran out of a corn field and within two jumps had hit my Dad's SUV. He's very lucky he didn't hit the ditch or have any other cars near him. The Buck hit the ditch and after a couple of minutes ran into a near by forest.

Please be careful on the roads!!!

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